How much does it cost to process my data via VR.World?



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    Orkun Özaslan

    I didnt found a answer tat satisfyd me, i wanted to know if the star pulsar is the right camera for making 360 degree panoramic pictures mostly indoors (customers shops etc. ) and creating virtual tours to publish them on social media ? the quality of the pictures and gps data is important for me. 

    for instances with the insta 360 pro i can shot great pictures and create with my 360 ore rtv tours without any fee, is it possible to do the same with the star pulsar ? 

    0,002 cent per image is for what ? for having the stitched panoramic image and than to create a tour with an other software.


    What is the difference between pulsar and fusion ? 




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    Andrew Baddeley

    Hi Orkun,

    At the moment, no - iSTAR Pulsar is not the solution for you if all you want to do is capture shop interiors for virtual tours via social media. However, you mentioned that GPS was important to you but you do of course realise that you can't get a GPS signal indoors?

    Anyway, for your needs I recommend you take a look at the new Ricoh Theta Z1. IT will do what you want for now until you need higher resolution and when we release a version of iSTAR Pulsar that allows single HDR shots from a tripod.

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